10 Home safety tips

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Unfortunately, burglaries in homes increase in especially during the summer months when many families are absent for days or even weeks. However, we do not all take every precaution we could to avoid it.

Home safety tips

According to data from the Ministry of Interior, in 2014 there were more than 120,000 burglaries in homes, 70% more than in 2007. The most homes are still unprotected.

  1. Check your door. If you have a low quality door that would make things easier for thieves, think about replacing it with an armored model or a more consistent one with a double lock and leaving no gaps between the frame and the door.
  2. Reinforce hinges with steel pivots or metal angles that prevent thieves from prying.
  3. Install a peephole: not all doors have peephole but you should keep it in mind, since many burglaries occur with force, even when there are people inside the house. A peephole and not open to any unknown is a classic that must be maintained.
  4. Exterior doors and windows: If you have doors or windows that lead to outdoor spaces, such as a terrace with a terrace where thieves could easily access, consider installing fences or window blinds.
  5. Where can you climb? There are houses that can be easily accessed by climbing the facade, terraced houses or trees. Discuss what parts of your home you could access by climbing and reinforcing your security.
  6. If you lose the keys, change the lock: although you think it is impossible for them to identify your keys with your house if you have not lost them with your documentation, you never know. Better to prevent and change it.
  7. If you enter a new rental apartment, too. Maybe it sounds exaggerated and does not usually happen, but how many people have lived on that floor before? How do you know there are no copies of the keys circulating around? Talk to the landlord and come to an agreement with him before going.
  8. Hire a home insurance. The investment is worth it if you can afford it because, if they rob you, it is a consolation to think that your insurance company will take care of part or all of the value they have stolen.
  9. An inventory and photographs, in the face of the insurance you have contracted and facing the police is very useful to make a detailed inventory of the valuables you have in your house with: photos, make and model of objects, numbers reference, purchase invoices, etc.
  10. Good lighting shatters, although it is only an effective measure if you live in a single-family home.