Tips to prevent home thefts

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  • Leave a lure when you leave home: When we leave the house alone, it becomes vulnerable, so it is best to leave a decoy to dissuade them and think that there is someone inside. For example, leave the room light on or turn on the radio and television with good volume.
  • Control the locks: Check that the locks are in optimal condition, whether windows, doors or any other access to your home.
  • Guide your family on safety issues, especially when you are living with children, who are the target of deception by “professional” criminals.
  • That, all the members of the house are informed about the most common modalities: For example, thieves pretend to be employees of utility companies to easily enter a house.
  • Place security systems such as video surveillance cameras or powerful door alarms. Joining a private insurance for your home.
  • If your home has a window to the street, it takes away from sight any kind of valuable object. Having them in sight is informing the offenders what they might steal. Do not trust yourself even if you live in very quiet neighborhoods.
  • Do not trust: Do not divulge anything about your new purchases or all the assets you own in the home unless it is with someone of great confidence. Many thefts happen when the wrong person finds out what you have, like someone on the street, at your neighbor’s shop, at your own job, or on social networks.
  • If a thief enters your home, try to get out as fast as possible and ask for help from the street. If it is impossible, lock yourself in a room and call the police. Do not risk your life.
  • Avoid being watched: From time to time change your routes, your arrival times, see if someone follows you or if you see suspicious movements near your home. Thieves learn your routine and know when to act in your home.