5 common safety mistakes in the home

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There is no doubt that a security system in our home helps us protect our properties and our families. However, good study and planning is needed to design the most appropriate security system that covers and protects the most important areas of your home. For example, you may need two cameras in a certain place to cover blind spots and of course, it is not enough to protect the exterior, but also, you have to control access points, such as windows and doors and also have the possibility to see what happens in corridors and stairs.

A good protection of your home, begins long before the thief arrives at your door. Therefore, it is useful to know the most common errors that are made when installing a home security system, so that you and your family are safe.

Secure the first floor or first floor

The upstairs windows and balconies are vulnerable and thieves know this, because almost everyone worries about protecting the basement and basement windows and they forget or postpone protecting those on the upper floor thinking that have it complicated to reach them. It is enough that there is the slightest possibility of climbing, either by a tree near the house, a staircase stored in a keyless locker, a high fence or even, using the same bars of the ground floor and already has a visitor not desired in your home.

Incorrect use of security cameras

Depending on the area of ​​the home you want to protect, you need a specific type of camera. For example, at a front door, we need a security camera that provides a clear picture of the person’s face. However, if you want to control an area of ​​the house like the surroundings or the parking lot, you could choose a wide-angle camera.

Do not use the security system frequently

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners and family members habitually make is not to trigger the security alarm when they are at home or when they plan to come back quickly. Each member should remember to activate the alarm when he or she is the last person to leave the house. This ensures that the house is always protected. And of course, it must be reactivated when all members are in the home and it is time to go to sleep.

Access numbers or passwords too easy

Another big mistake that is often made, is when choosing access codes for the security system. If we use a date or any number that our relatives or friends can know, this can finally be guessed by anyone, including the thief, because the truth is that we are not so original, so we tend to use dates of birth, Relatives, pets, etc.

Our extra common sense advice: The trash bin is like a catalog for thieves

Where have you thrown the packaging of the latest gadgets, cell phone, television or anything else you have bought lately? There you have the answer: In the trash, and thieves know how to read, so they know exactly what to steal and where. Be very careful with what you pull, with packing labels and bills or receipts. The most prudent thing is to break them altogether and if possible, get used to throwing that kind of trash away from your home.