5 home safety tips if you’re going to get out of bridge

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The locksmith industry and the security sector are intimately linked when it comes to competing to always go one step ahead of criminals and their new methods. However, in many everyday situations we are ourselves ,who with small gestures, we can gain safety in our home. We give you 5 tips to gain in safety while on vacation.

  1. Apparent presence in the house. Have a neighbor of confidence who will raise us and lower the blinds, awnings, etc. Or emptying the mailbox is a very common security measure, but we do not always have neighbors or with sufficient confidence. At present, there are automatisms for awnings and blinds that are regulated according to sunlight or wind, gaining in energy efficiency, comfort and, when going on holiday, also in safety.
  2. Check doors and mailboxes. One pattern found in most recent robberies are the signals that criminals place on doors and dwellings. The method is simple, if the sticker in question lasts several days, there is not a tenant in the house who has bothered to remove it.
  3. Security as an investment. If you live on low floors, installing fences is almost a must. Many discard this option because they take away light or do not seem aesthetic. There is no problem, at present there are mechanisms that hide the grid inside the partition. It is also advisable to check the security of our locks, since many are obsolete, and check our door and secure enough.
  4. Antidumping cylinder. Any prevention measure we take if we have a bulb that can be a victim of bumping will be of little use. With this method, the criminals force the lock in just a few seconds without leaving a trace, and it does not matter how many turns you have given to the key before closing.
  5. Attention to social networks! Thanks to the new technologies of information and communication we share and we count our life minute by minute, but beware, the public exposure in excess when it comes to sharing our holidays live can give very useful information to the criminals. Avoiding social networking is tricky, but at least make sure you share that information with the people you want.