Home safety tips

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We recommend increasing the safety of your home by following these 5 practitioners and Helpful tips.

There are many steps we can take to increase the security of our home and protect us from discomfort at the return of our vacation.

Close windows and doors securely.

Make sure before you start the journey that both doors and windows are tightly closed. You do not have to lower all the blinds (this way we would also be giving clues to our absence from the thief). It is better to leave some shutters in the middle but be aware that no window is open (even less if we live in a house, chalet or townhouse) and that the doors are locked.

Do not give us the mailbox

Although with the arrival of new technologies we receive less and less letters, filled mailboxes are also an unmistakable sign that the house is without inhabitants. Shopping centers and supermarkets also take advantage of the holidays to offer us promotions and special discounts, so that our mailbox can be filled right away. Leave the key of your mailbox to a neighbor, or entrust this work to the doorman of your building.

Automatic timers, great allies

There are those who go on vacation usually leave some light on in order to simulate presence at home. But as they are the rates, we would have to think twice. For them some houses have installed automatic timers with which they give not very long intervals of time, they can turn on lights, the television or the radio …

Do not place the key in predictable places.

Nothing to leave the letter under the doormat, not in the window, not even in the mailbox. However original we believe, thieves know everything. Avoid leaving a set of keys within reach of anyone. It is best that you trust a neighbor or close relative for this task.