5 safety devices for your home.

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Motion detector with video.

Video motion detectors have undoubtedly been a breakthrough in the protection of homes by being able to confirm that it is what happens without possibility of error, motion detectors are in charge of reporting when there is an intrusion in an area Protected by detecting the intruder’s movement.

Before the appearance of the verification with video when a jump of a detector took place it was necessary to use other methods for its verification like the capture of audio or the photograph, nowadays thanks to the detectors of movement with video there is no possibility of error, In addition these detectors can be used for other functions, as increased in this way the security for your home and the service that the user receives the alarm system.

Control your alarm with the mobile

Greater security for your home. Nowadays smartphones are everywhere, we all have smartphones and we use it constantly for almost anything, integrating the control of your alarm system into your mobile phone is the best option that could be done. You can manage your security alarm, connect, disconnect and receive all notifications from your alarm system.

An added function is to be able to request video clips from the camera detectors, so you can see what is happening in your home or business at any time you want.

Panic button or SOS

Security systems not only have the function of protecting the belongings and facilities of users, they also have to protect people, unfortunately there are many kinds of situations in which the life and integrity of people can be at risk, Having an easy and quick way to notify this type of situation is extremely practical to increase the security of your home, in this type of situations speed is essential.

The panic button is one of the elements that fulfills this function, its use should only be restricted to a real situation of danger because to receive a notification of this type in the Central Alarm Receiver has priority over the other signals that are received, With the push of a button this device is activated and the security company will act according to the established protocol.

IP security cameras

IP security cameras are devices that have revolutionized surveillance before to install a security camera required an investment in very complex material. Security cameras were very expensive devices and few private homes could afford to have one of these cameras remaining their use Restricted to shops, warehouses, banks, etc.

Nowadays IP security cameras are really cheap and extremely easy to use, these cameras are connected via the internet and can be consulted at any time from any device that has internet connection, mobile, tablet. Etc. Besides all the information they collect can be easily stored in a digital device, memory card or similar, even the video that is recorded can be stored in the cloud with the consequent impossibility that it can be destroyed, prior to the appearance of This type of cameras information had to be recorded on a CCTV hard drive or Closed Circuit Television, these devices had a really high cost.

These IP security cameras can be easily integrated with your security system, making it possible to use the two security devices in an integrated way, which greatly increases the security of your home and achieves greater security.

Magnetic contacts for doors and windows

These elements of protection for your alarm system give security to the possibility of trying to enter through a door or window to your home or business, this element is composed of two clearly differentiated parts, a part is placed In the frame of the door or window, the other part is placed in the cloth, when the door or window is closed the magnetic contact has magnetism and sends an ok signal to the alarm center, the moment the door is Opens this magnetism is lost and the intrusion notice is sent to the central.

The use of these elements is appropriate in places where it is not convenient to place the motion detectors, the motion detectors have a rather large drawback, they can not be used when the user is inside the installation as it would trigger the alarm system, In these occasions it is very convenient to make use of the magnetic contacts, also their use is very frequent in domiciles where there are pets that can activate the motion detectors, this way with the magnetic contacts you can protect the apartment with the pet inside .

These are some of the elements of protection that will give greater security for your home.