5 safety tips to protect your family

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The safety of your family is the most important and the reason why you should install alarms for homes. These devices will help you protect your family, especially if you follow other recommendations to keep them protected at all times, from checking the locks, to opting for a monitored plan.

  • Check all locks

The first thing to do to determine if your home is a safe environment is to check all locks in the house, including those on windows and doors, to see if any of the locks need to be replaced or reinforced.

This aspect is relevant because it allows you to make sure that your building is not vulnerable to intrusions from criminals or malicious people looking to cause damage to your home or family.

You should take into account that the main entrance of the thieves are the doors or the windows. These will check if any locks are in poor condition to enter undetected. So make sure they are all in top condition.

  • Protects doors and windows

When installing a complete security system, you need to protect a first space: doors and windows. As previously mentioned, intruders often come to these accesses to enter your home without being seen.

That is why it is so important to have locks in optimum conditions and reinforce them with magnetic stripe sensors. These devices will immediately detect if someone breaks into your home without being authorized to do so.

In this way, if you will not be at home or want to keep the protection during the night hours, you can activate and feel the peace of mind that you will be alerted to any intrusion.

  • Add external monitoring

Another security tip to protect your family is to add external surveillance, which you can do through surveillance cameras. These devices, although not an alarm as such, will allow you to monitor your home from a distance.

In addition, this addition to your home will serve to ensure that, in case of interference, the security company staff have evidence in image and sound to hand over to the police, so that they arrest who put at risk the integrity of your family .

  • Installs internal systems

If you are looking to provide complete protection to your family through the best security tips, it is time to select the most appropriate alarms to install internal devices in your home.

There are several security alternatives that you can install in your home, but the most effective indoors are motion sensors, which detect the presence of intruders through the heat energy produced by their bodies.

Upon detecting an intrusion, during a time during which the alarm system is activated, the sirens will activate and even notify the security company to contact the police.

These intrusion protection systems must be added to others to react appropriately to incidents: smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. With these options you can alert your family about fires and get assistance as soon as possible.

  • Opts for monitored security

Another safety advice to protect your family that you can take into account is to opt for a monitored alarm system. With this option your home will have complementary protection before incidents or intrusions.

To protect you, the companies distributors who supervise during the 24 hours of the day, for any eventuality that is present in your house. If any of the sirens are activated, the system will send the signal to the Central Alarm Station so that they can contact the police.

Without a doubt, with these safety tips your family will be optimally protected.