6 Home safety tips

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  • Check the exterior of your home

Begin by inspecting the outskirts of your home to determine if there is any vulnerability that can be exploited by thugs. If so, proceed to correct them immediately.

  • Security of doors and windows

Make sure all doors and padlocks are properly installed and that these are your windows are in good condition. If you have insurance, verify that they meet the requirements.

  • Opportunistic thieves

Thieves of opportunity penetrate properties that appear to be without their inhabitants. Consider installing programmable lights to turn them on at certain times and make the house look inhabited. Also, be careful who enters your home. Utility workers and certain strangers have a chance to see the layout of your home and can serve as information gatherers for wrongdoers, if not themselves.

  • Lights with censors

Lights that ignite when there is some movement and discourages any intruder. Also, it helps homeowners enter their home during dark hours.

  • Security Alarms – Change the code regularly

The alarms are very effective, but it is advisable to change the code frequently to get more benefit.

  • Protect your windows with steel bars

One of the most effective ways to keep a thug away from your windows is to protect them with steel bars. Also, you can assemble steel doors.

Home protection is as important as personal protection. The home is the place of peace and security of each owner and must be appropriately protected to continue to be so.