Home safety tips

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Your house should be the place where you feel most at ease, and for that to be so today we bring you 8 safety tips for the home. Follow them to the letter and make your home a safe place.

Safety tips for the home

  1. Do you live with elderly people of little mobility? Install safety bars in corridors to provide constant support and minimize the risk of falls.
  2. If you just moved into the house, do not forget to change the locks. Not because you distrust old owners, but because you never know who else can have a copy of those keys.
  3. Do not leave children alone near water drowning can occur in less than one finger of water, which makes bathtubs, sinks, pools and even buckets in a source of great danger. For safety reasons, it is essential to avoid situations that can lead to accidents.
  4. Close doors and windows when you leave. It is a basic advice, almost everyone closes the door when it leaves (although not all do it with key, as it should be done) but some forget to close the windows, by which many friends of others can find the way to sneak.
  5. Do not open strangers. Do not let anyone into your house, some thieves or scammers pretend to be gas, electricity or anything else. If someone knocks on your door saying that they come to review something and no one has warned you, distrust, ask them for accreditation and call the company to make sure it is not a hoax.
  6. Do not store large amounts of money or valuables at home. That may not stop potential thieves, but you will minimize losses in the event of theft.
  7. Have a fire extinguisher at home: small home fires can be checked before they go into major fire if you have a fire extinguisher at home.