8 security tricks to protect housing

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When it comes to protecting the home, in addition to the basic tips, there are small tricks to make the home a safer space, which represent a very interesting alternative to the high costs of professional security systems…

Bolts on the windows: if the windows are guillotine or slide horizontally, you can use elements (a simple metal bar or wood) that act as stops on the rail and avoid sliding and open easily. Another option is to make a hole in the window frame with a small hole to place a long screw to make it stop.

Blinds: the security offered by blinds is not equivalent to that of bars. Besides being more aesthetic they are a good alternative and offer an extra level of protection to the window.

Hinges with fixing on doors and windows: this way you will avoid that the one or the others are forced.

ALARMS WITHOUT CHARGES: against the high monthly fees of alarms connected to CRA (Central Alarm Receiver), there is the possibility of installing an alarm without fees with warning to the smartphone of the owner in case of intrusion. It is a very economical and effective system.

Timers or presence simulators: a sensational option to appear that the house is occupied, with a great power of deterrence.

Good lighting: one of the most economical and effective measures to deter thieves as the statistics indicate. In exteriors, you can choose to use reflectors and / or solar torches. Motion-sensing spotlights will be very effective at deterring potential intruders.

Invisible door locks: there are locks that are installed inside the door and are not visible from the outside, making them impossible to force. They are opened through a command so they are really practical.

The goal of all thieves is to access the house in the most “natural” and discreet way possible, quickly and quietly. Therefore, anything that involves alerting neighbors or delay access time will be an effective deterrent. A small detail, such as the type of lock, marks the decision of intruders to steal one home or another.