Ending an agreement surveillance home security

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By signing the agreement home security monitoring, you are entering into a binding contract. Although contracts different from one company to another, usually a penalty for early cancellation. But depending on the reason for the cancellation of the contract, you may be able to avoid sanctions of termination. The trick is to read the contract carefully and work with your monitoring company.


  1. Check your contract monitoring security home. Search the sections on the early termination and cancellation. These sections are the rules for terminating your contract. In general, you are allowed to terminate the contract early, but you’ll pay the balance. In addition, you will probably be asked to present written cancellation 30 days prior to termination of the contract and the balance must be paid before that date. Although these standards are typical in contracts for security surveillance, looking for any gaps that applies to you, as the reflection period or a clause allowing you to cancel your contract if you move outside the coverage area.
  2. Call your security monitoring company. If you found a loophole in the contract that makes you eligible to be without penalty, find out what kind of need to submit supporting evidence. If not, present your case for why you should be able to suspend the contract without penalty. The company may be willing to work with you if you are experiencing unemployment, if you can provide examples of why you are not satisfied with your service, or otherwise can show why your situation has changed since the contract was signed.
  3. Write a letter stating that you want to end your contract. Include your address, account number and the date you want to end your service. Generally, you must notify the company of your plan to terminate 30 days before the service ends. Also should send any early termination fee and the balance of your contract, depending on the terms of your agreement. Check your contract or call your monitoring company to obtain the correct address to send your letter. They may ask you to send your letter by certified mail. Although not necessary, you might want to use the certificate to ensure you have proof of the date the letter was sent by e-mail.