Home Security Alarms

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The alarms are becoming more widespread day due to the need for greater security. Until a few years ago, were installed security systems in specific places to avoid theft, robbery or fire. Today are used in homes, small businesses, factories, and high-risk locations, such as banks and jewelers.

A security system must not provide false alarms, since in practice it is as ineffective as one that can easily be infringed. Prone to false alarm, besides not being insurance system tends to be ignored.

The legislation in this field requires certain establishments such as banks, savings and credit institutions in general; gun shops and jewelers to have in its facilities, systems, and these systems must be installed by reputable companies for added security.

Before performing an installation must be taken into account certain very clear considerations as they will define the installation to be carried out:

  • What are we going to protect.
  • Who we want to protect.
  • Value of objects.
  • Budget that is available.

But it is absolutely advisable for the installation and subsequent maintenance of performing an approved company, given the potential complexity of the facilities and the safety of the building itself protected.

They can also be installed security systems for small private homes or small establishments, which do not require interfacing with the security company as they have warning systems and exterior signage, these being fairly simple constitution.

Although it is best to connect these little security systems with a company certified security, since it guarantees in all respects.