Home Security during your absence

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Once the arrival time of the holidays, the last thing we want to get home is finding that you have stolen or that, for example, was an interruption in the power supply and all the food from the freezer is spoiled.

It is best to have a home alarm system to notify us at the time that any incident. Thus we are informed at all times of the state of our home and avoid unpleasant surprises when you get home.

Tips for relaxing holidays

To prevent any incident, you should follow these simple safety tips at home.

  • Close all doors.
  • Do not let all the blinds drawn. It’s better than some stay lifted as a sign of activity in the housing.
  • Leave some clothes hanging.
  • Leave no hidden key. It is better to give a copy to someone you trust, like a family.
  • Ask someone close to collect your mail if you will be gone long.
  • Do not ostentatious output. It is advisable to store luggage in the car the night before.
  • Do not disclose information on how long you have to be out or when it will exit.
  • Never leave valuables in sight from the outside or from the windows.
  • Maintain good lighting at night.
  • Place bars on the windows easily accessible, such as the ground or crawl spaces.
  • Do not leave a message on the answering machine indicating its absence.