Home security systems

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In recent years thefts in housing have increased by 73%, according to the latest study by direct line. Security or absence of risk is a need for all human beings to feel protected. But what happens when one does not feel safe in your own home? The figures are categorical, since the beginning of the crisis 2014; more than three million homes have raided in our country.

The number of households with insurance and electronic security systems has increased, according to the Organization of consumers and users (OCU). A good door window of quality or safety lock is an investment in terms of confidence.

The Ministry of the Interior should check the doors of access to housing. If they shielded, you must ensure that you have at least two locking points and there are no gap between door and floor to prevent friendly people from the outside lever.

A reinforced door is characterized by the integration therein of a thick steel sheet 1.5 mm to give greater consistency. In companies, the existing fence is reinforced by steel on the side of the lock plate and adheres to the wall using six screws, three on each side. The price of one of these doors is around $900 tax.

For more security for you

Doors that have steel ring with six points of fixation or wall-mounting, four hinges welded lever against four pivots. Its price is around 1,600 dollars of VAT and installation included. In the case of single-family homes, companies sells various types of doors with bullet proof glass, side glass, as well as double enameled sheet or a sheet more loft and multiple finishes are available. Among others: woods, ember, oak or walnut.

Companies advise the installation of the latter since they will provide greater protection to our home.
The blast doors having astructure basically wood can yield with the use of goat legs and open up more quickly. All its armoured doors have a structure of steel fence and tray, as well as a minimum of eight pins anti-lever of steel that are inserted within theown fence. Its price is around 1,400 Dollar with installation.

We must not let balconies, outgoing walls, pipes, etc., on which criminals can climb with relative ease. In addition, pay special attention to windows orterraces next to these points.

Installation of blinds with inside lock and bars bars spaced no more than 12 centimeters, according to the Ministry of the Interior will protect better our home.

Not to mention that greater efficiency in housing security is achieved by installing electronic alarm devices.

There are different types on the market, but mainly they are divided in two. Connected to a central reception of alarms, once verified the alarm signal, the police alert or not and alarms that work in local mode. They have no communication, when the computer detects a strange presence, siren housing is simply active, but the client does not receive any notification. Its price in the market is around 70 dollars.

Most innovative systems enable the total control of homes that we are where we are offered by security companies. Buy an alarm, with a simple and intuitive control panel allows you to control the movement inside the house, as well as the opening and closing of its doors thanks to some electronic keys.

Communication of alarm with a security company and police, which prevents the cancellation of the system by technical or cut deliberate fixed telephone line. In addition, its central station check alarms seeing and listening to what actually occurs in the client’s home, thus minimizing the false alarm.