Home Security Systems

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The purchase of a home security system implies the taking of important decisions. You have a basic knowledge of how a security system and its components will give you the information you need to decide what security system is best suited for you and your family.

Know exactly what want the security system to perform is the first big step in the identification of the system that best fits your lifestyle.

You cannot start to look for the right system to know exactly what you are looking for, unless you have some prior knowledge about home security systems, the choice of the right system may be harder than you might expect. This is due to the wide range of security systems for home and their devices that have entered the market in recent years. The security industry has recently experienced significant growth mainly driven by technology, especially electronics and software.

When you first start to investigate a little the market of security systems for home, discovered that some security firms offer free components of the system in Exchange for a charge of installation or a contract of alarm monitoring for a number of months.

Before you take advantage of these offers, it is important to know deeply if components and services provided by security companies are the most suitable to our needs. It is possible that the level of security offered by these systems is totally insufficient and needed to review them.

Once made survey of business monitoring and security systems, its components and how they work, you are ready to begin to make decisions and begin to assemble a system that meets the needs of your family.

The first thing that must be done is to decide who and how to notify if the alarm is triggered.

  • It may be through a company’s monitoring of alarms, paying a monthly fee.
  • Having a system that dial certain numbers prefixed by notifying Alert along that path.
  • Only have the audible alarm, a siren alert occupants and neighbors.

You have to review in detail the pros and cons of three different types of home security systems.

Alarm systems tend to be monitored by a station’s monitoring station or a telephone dialing system. Depending on the individual circumstances of the family, one of these control methods may be most appropriate for your needs than the other.

There are many companies who will supervise their alarm system from a station of monitoring central, for a monthly fee, these monthly fees vary from a company to another, as well as the services these companies provide.

On the other hand, a security system with phone dialer does not send the signal to a station for monitoring if the alarm is tripped, it is configured to call a group of phone numbers that you have pre-programmed to dial. For example your cell phone may be one of the numbers in the call list, before an event, you will receive a call with a pre-recorded message alerting of the situation.

Both systems can have its advantages, but what is the most suitable? The first thing to understand is the problem of false alarms in home security systems and how this issue can affect you directly. Law enforcement agencies have a rate of false alarms of over 90% for home alarms. This means that for every 10 calls that meet only one is real, because of this, many municipalities have established regulations to help deal with the problems that it is causing to the police. Currently, most of the companies in monitoring offer to send an employee to your House to see if there are signs of a robbery before calling the police. This service is offered for a monthly fee higher than that of the simple monitoring. If security employee sees evidence that a theft has occurred you called the police immediately go.

If you have a friend, a neighbor or relative of confidence who lives near his home and who can see the outside of your home for signs of theft when your alarm is triggered, perhaps a phone dialer system can work for you. If you cannot receive calls this system, on the other hand or have someone you trust who can do it, hire a security company and monitoring may be a better option.