How does a burglar alarm work?

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Every day we see more like neighbors who install a burglar alarm in your home. Camcorders, sensors, infrared and alarms … Most of these alarms are electronic, are computerized and notified directly to the unit or the police. But how can a burglar alarm work? We will explain.

The system control unit is connected with sensors either through the narrow band RF signal or low voltage wiring, and these in turn are joined to a means that announces the alarm, for a response.

Opening a door or the movement of a detected body through passive infrared (PIR) is detected by safety sensors. Wireless systems can be installed more quickly, but can also be installed with permanent wiring.

There are alarms that take advantage of existing assets, and when activated to detect an unexpected move, the lights come on, radio plugs blaring … With a smartphone can activate the alarm system remotely and if you jump, receive Notification by phone, messages or email. Even there are alarms that can spy on the temperature variation of activities in any part of the house where it is installed.

Options for our home burglar alarms are many, now just decide which best fits our needs and our pocket.