How security Burglar alarms work?

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One usually considers a home alarms either apartment or house is the solution for any type of adversity theft that may occur in our home.

The question is generated when analyzing whether we know how this system works and accepted worldwide as we should have in mind when choosing an alarm system for housing. Basically a closed electronic sensor scattered through the rooms of the house or apartment, and sensors installed in the openings such as windows and doors.

These sensors are vital in this circuit, since they are the ones who detected the anomaly of the movement and proceed to trigger the alarm. As we have seen, there are sensors that are in the form of small boxes that are placed in rooms, preferably on corners to expand the range of vision, and detect the movements that could make any subject and/or animal inside the room.

These sensors have a small window with a dim red light, which is activated when the sensor concerned detects unintentional movement. At the same time, this sensor triggers the alarm reaction, which as we know consists of a central system or central box, which would be like the brain circuit.

This important element has a display and buttons with numbers to write the password for the alarm, and is receiving the signal from the sensors to activate the alert. Upon receiving this signal, the central alarm box gives the user 40 seconds to 1 minute to provide proof of ownership, through income security code. Not possible to check the alarm on and so proceeds to warn every one of the presence of an unwanted subject in our home.