How the burglar alarm works Ford Taurus?

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What is a burglar alarm?

An alarm system burglar for a Ford Taurus is, as one may think, an electronic system installed in the vehicle to prevent the vehicle from being stolen. Having said that, there are many types of alarms and prevention for cars, but the alarm system burglar is one of the most common. When activated, the vehicle emits a loud sound or an electronic alarm sound.

This is done in the hope of attracting the attention of a passerby to the car or the thief be nervous and do not want to continue the theft. The only problem with this system is that it is so common to hear someone turn the alarm on your own vehicle or some other passersby ignore the noise, so that the effectiveness of this system may not be the best.

Parts of the system

There are many parts in the alarm system burglar Ford Taurus. First there is a control computer, located deep in the dashboard of the car, to which all other components are connected. There the door sensors and sensors of inner pressure and inner air microphones.

There is a mercury tilt sensor located near the control computer and a radio receiver. All this is connected to a battery high to ensure that the alarm system is not disabled if a thief disconnects the battery principal. Finally there is a siren, which is located near the center of the mainframe.

How the burglar alarm works Ford Taurus?

When the owner is activated, the control computer sends signals to all sensors. The tilt sensor is activated if the car is pushed. The door sensor is activated if the doors are opened. The microphone is activated if you receive any sound from inside the vehicle.

Likewise, the air pressure sensor is activated by changing the air pressure inside the car, such as if a door is opened or if a window is broken. If any of these sensors is activated, a signal is sent to the control computer, which activates the siren. The system is deactivated by the radio signal sent by the key owner.