Safety tips for your home

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  • Keys. Before arriving at your house, take your keys, look around and use the least time to enter.
  • Lighting. It is recommended to light the exterior areas and access to your home. One option is to make use of a lighting that is activated by movement. This will allow you to realize the presence of someone.
  • Strangers. Avoid strange people entering your home. If you request to be admitted for an emergency, you should apply to the appropriate authorities.
  • Identity. If you have children, teach them that if they are not sure of the identity of the knocker, do not open the door.
  • Services. If you requested a service, ask them to be fully identified before they enter your home; otherwise, do not open the door.
  • Information. Do not report unknown to your activities, those of your family or neighbors.
  • Objects. Avoid placing valuable items that can be seen from the street or through the windows, as this could attract criminals. Avoid having too much money in your house.
  • Messages. If you leave your house, avoid leaving obvious indications that you are not; never put messages on the door that indicate your absence.
  • Doors. When leaving your home, check that the doors and windows are kept closed, in order to prevent the entry of any stranger to your home. It is also recommended to install a panoramic window to see who knocks at the front door, especially at night.
  • Directory. Keep a directory or cards that contain the emergency phone numbers, so if you need them, you will not waste any time.