Tips to protect your home to avoid theft

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While in some cases we cannot avoid them, there are some precautions that can be taken to try to minimize the risk.

Outdoor doors

  • Exterior doors should be solid wood or metal to better protect against intruders.
  • Make sure all doors are locked or locked at all times. In addition to the latch or lock, you should also install a double-blade type lock or similar on all entry doors.
  • Not all burglaries occur in an unoccupied dwelling. You might also consider installing a peephole to be able to see who is at the door before opening it.

While in some cases we cannot avoid them, there are some precautions that can be taken to try to minimize the risk.


  • Every time you are not at home and at night your windows should be closed and locked.
  • Consider installing latches or latches on all windows to prevent them from being forced.

Glass sliding doors

  • Call a professional locksmith to install locking devices that secure doors to the frame or rail.
  • Adjust the free light of the door rails so that they cannot be lifted and removed from the rails.
  • Place a metal bar or sturdy wood, such as a metal pipe or a broom stick, on the rail to prevent doors from opening.
  • Install locking hinges that slide into the rails to prevent the door from being forced.

Outdoor lighting

  • Lighting, both inside and outside your home, is one of the best and most economical measures to discourage thieves. The interior lights on the interior give the impression that the house is occupied, while the exterior lights make it more difficult for a thief to find a place to hide.
  • You should install lights near porches, all exterior doors, garage and other entry points. Keep all the entries well lit.
  • Reflectors are also a good choice for exterior lighting of your home. You can also opt for lights with motion detectors that turn on automatically when they find movement in the area.
  • Aim the lights so that your yard and garden are lit so you can see anyone approaching.

Anti-theft alarms

  • Anti-theft alarm systems can offer you many advantages if you live in a remote area or stay out of your home for extended periods of time.
  • In addition, if you live in a high crime area or store valuable items in your own home, you should also consider installing a security system. There are a variety of anti-theft alarms and security systems available.
  • If you install a residential alarm system make sure that all people living in your home are trained to use it.

Security while outside your home

  • Make sure that your home looks like an inhabited dwelling at all times. If possible, ask a friend, trusted neighbor or family member to stay at home during your absence. If not, arrange for someone to pick up the mail and newspapers every day and turn on the lights.
  • If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, consider using timers for your lights so that they automatically turn on and off at predetermined times.
  • Ask the mail and dearer to stop delivering to your home while away.

There is no method that is 100 percent effective against thieves, but observing the above tips can decrease the chances of becoming the next victim of a robbery.