Tips to make your home safer for kids

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Owning (or renting) a home is already a concern in itself. But when you add that title to the father, mother or responsible of a minor, the fears are multiplied.

The integrity of the dwelling takes place in the background, and the safety of the child is the fundamental objective of that home. So we racked our brains for possible dangers all over the house, anticipating the damage.

That is why we are going to pull data from the Ministry of Health and Consumption to predict the risk and prevent it with some advice that will keep our progeny safe and sound at home.

  • The usual suspects

The first is to know that the most common accidents in the housing come from falls (41%), crushing, cuts and tears (22%), blows (13%), burns and thermal effects (9%) and physical exertion or exhaustion 4 %).

This, as far as all kinds of people are concerned, and not just those insane little ones. Because if we talk about children, the first cause of accidents at home are intoxications. The National Institute of Toxicology itself warns us that medicines , and are followed by hygiene products, cleaning, cosmetics, etc.

The most risky range: babies up to two and a half years.

Knowing this, family, we are going to take a walk for each stay of the residence “extinguishing fires” of the future.

  • Basic measures of protection

Put the gates at each end of each flight of stairs to avoid accidental falls.

Protect them from electrical current by plugging the plugs.

Any furniture store or childcare stores can provide plug protectors to keep children’s fingers out of their holes. And do not forget to leave low-rise mobile phones or appliances cables! And if you have doubts or are more difficult than it seemed, do not hesitate to contact our professional electrician, to advise you on the review of your installation.

Keep children away from the kitchen, the most dangerous place in the house.

Always leave the toilet lid closed.

Keep the plastic bags away from your reach to avoid choking (they look like toys to them).

The same with all kinds of toxic products: never to lesser height of one and a half meters. Detergents, glass cleaners, stains … all this, as well as alcoholic beverages , as well as small or suffocating elements that can cause choking or asphyxiation (such as sewing machines, full of buttons, sharp needles …) must be far from your reach And their visual attraction (or they will try to climb to some unstable place to reach them).

Medications, with children at home, better under lock and key.