Home security tips to prevent theft

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Most people only protect your home after suffering a robbery, forgetting that the more you have to work a thief, the lower the possibility that consume theft.

According to experts, a thief needs little more than 60 seconds to go in most of the houses. Moreover, statistics show that only one in four steals the thief need to force the access roads to housing; often find a clear path through open doors or windows.

A good way to know if a home is safe is to think as if we were the thief himself. Consider how much difficulty would find to break in from the outside of the house, or simply if we lost the keys, what difficulties would have to enter our home.

Some ideas to improve safety in our home:

Exterior Doors

  • Should be of solid metal or wood, to protect the best possible way.
  • It is advisable to have them always locked, but also secured with a lock high quality. The bolts can withstand the action of a lever and blows that normal locks generally cannot tolerate.
  • If glass windows in the doors or next to them, it is advisable to install a double cylinder deadbolt. To open this type of bolt wrench is needed, both from outside and from inside.
  • It is essential to install a peephole to see who will open the door.


  • When there is nobody in the house and when you arrive at night, all windows should be closed. Many burglars enter homes at night while sleeping occupants.
  • Install locks on all windows, to avoid being forced. If windows are sash (which slide up and down), you can use different elements that act as buffers and provide security.

Sliding glass door

  • Sliding glass doors can offer the best opportunities thief entering the house, and to secure special measures be taken:
  • Call a professional locksmith to install closures to ensure the door to the frame or rail.
  • Set free lights door tracks so that they cannot be lifted and removed from the rails.
  • Place a metal rod or resistant timber rail to prevent the doors from opening.
  • Install hinges with locking them slide on the rails, so as to prevent the door from being forced.
  • Some of the most modern sliding glass doors or locks systems design have already incorporated. If you do not have these locks or locks, you need to consult a professional locksmith to replace them with a safer model.

Exterior Lighting

  • The lighting, both inside and outside the house, is one of the best and most economic measures to discourage thieves. The lights lit interiors give the impression that the house is occupied, while the exterior lights make it harder for a thief to find a place to hide.
  • Keep all well-lit entrances. Statistics show that it is less likely that a thief tries to access a well-lit house.
  • The reflectors are a good choice for outdoor lighting of the home.
  • You can also choose lights that are activated by motion detectors: will light when motion is detected in the area. A system of lights suddenly turn can be very effective to scare the intruder potential.
  • For safety, place lights out of reach of his hand, so that is not easy to remove or break the bulbs.

Burglar Alarms

  • The house is in a secluded area
  • The people go out of your house periods of time
  • This is an area of high crime
  • Saved valuable items
  • Or simply, if the people want to feel safer at home.

It is essential to be well informed of what system is best for your home and ensure that all people living in the house are trained to use it. A next-generation system is useless if used incorrectly.

Security when no one is home

The best time to rob a house is vacation periods, or the time when the occupants are working. For this reason it is necessary:

  • Ensure that home has the appearance of an inhabited dwelling at all times. Ask friends or family to stay at home during absences. If not possible, ask to visit the house frequently to get the mail and turn on the lights.
  • If the absence will be prolonged, install timers for lights, so the lights turn on and turn off automatically at predetermined times.

No method is 100% effective against thieves, but with some precautions can reduce the chances of becoming a victim of theft.